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Designing and manufacturing hand-made collections​

UnicornDV, a skilled Ecommerce developer, managed a wide range of digital services, including Ecommerce development, social media, ship station integration, trade login, content creation, mobile design, web maintenance, and ui/ux design for Luxholdups.

Our mission at Luxholdups is straightforward – to add elegance, beauty, and durability to the objects that surround you. We exclusively use high-quality, sturdy materials to create products that combine aesthetics and functionality.

We strongly believe that elevating the quality of your everyday items can enhance your everyday experience.


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Shipstation Integration

Trade Login

Lux Holdups - Brooklyn, NY
Lux Holdups - BK, NY

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With the invaluable assistance of UnicornDV, who helped us successfully launch our web campaign, team Luxe has established both our workshop and offices in the Brooklyn Navy Yard since 2013.

We meticulously handcraft all of our products with love at this location, where having everything in one place provides us with superior quality control. This also means that we can readily and promptly tailor orders to meet our customers’ unique requirements.


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