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Digital Marketing

Revolutionizing Your Online Presence

As a renowned digital marketing agency in New York, Unicorn DV specializes in web design, SEO, UX design, and branding. Prioritizing design and user experience, we innovatively enhance brands. Renowned in NYC, we blend advanced marketing methods and global strategies to spur business growth, ardently focusing on improving sales conversions and ROI for our clients.

Our Digital Marketing Process

Our digital marketing company in New York, NYC follows the process that includes the most innovative ideas to promote your business online and provides the edge that you need in today’s competing marketplace.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Being a creative marketing agency, we build a customized strategy based on your business, your competition, your industry, and your objectives to drive business growth. We always follow a logical sequence to ensure that all key activities of strategy development and implementation are included.



An Effective Website

An effective website is the centre of all your online marketing and is the reason for lead generation. With the help of our digital marketing company New York, we help design a website that serves as an efficient marketing tool and provides information and layout to ensure that your website resonates well with your brand.



Generate More Traffic

Unicorn DV is a full-service digital marketing agency in New York, NYC offering a wide range of marketing solutions to increase the traffic to your website thereby increasing the number of opportunities for visitors to turn into leads. We use several methods like blogs, social media integration, pay-per-click campaigns, onsite and offsite SEO, and more.



Convert Traffic to Leads and Sales

We are focused on improving the traffic to your website, and this is the primary objective of our online digital marketing strategy. Our digital marketing services in New York utilize marketing automation to perform the following tasks like generating segment leads, email marketing, and CRM integration, etc, to ensures that your website generates traffic and conversions as well.



Measure Everything

Unicorn DV measures the following most important online digital marketing metrics that offer the most value and insight into your marketing strategy: Traffic Statistics, PPC Costs and Rates, Brand Awareness, SEO Success, Social Media Audience Size, and Growth, Email Subscribers. It becomes easy for us to determine targets and objectives, and measure performance based on these values.


Our Technologies

Unicorn DV, being among the top digital marketing companies in New York, outsmarts the competition with its best-in-class digital marketing technologies that provide insights into our customers, competitors, and market. Defined below is the list of some of the best technologies that we use to help your business grow in this fast-paced modern market of today.


In today's competitive market, search engine marketing (SEM) stands out as a key strategy for business growth. At Unicorn, a top-tier digital marketing agency in New York, we tailor our SEM services to meet your unique business needs, offering both paid search ads like Google AdWords and SEO for organic rankings. Through these tailored strategies, we not only drive targeted traffic but also optimize elements like keywords, ad copy, and more to enhance your sales and brand value.


Local SEO optimizes your website for better visibility in Google's local search results. Based in New York, Unicorn DV excels in offering trusted local SEO solutions to boost website traffic and leads. Our seasoned experts craft tailored strategies to enhance local awareness, conversion rates, and ROI. Together, we aim for a robust and enduring local digital presence.


In the digital age, social media marketing is pivotal for enhancing brand awareness and promoting products. At Unicorn DV, New York's premier digital marketing agency, we provide bespoke social media strategies that encompass ideation to expanding your brand's influence. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, we bolster brand recognition, drive site traffic, and boost conversions.


Conversion Optimization is the art of turning visitors into customers. At Unicorn DV, a leading digital marketing agency in New York, we customize a data-driven CRO approach to meet your business needs. By blending creativity and expertise, we enhance your website's effectiveness from insight generation to impactful testing. Our services ensure you reap more leads and sales, optimizing your site for maximum conversions.


Transform Your Business

Unicorn DV, renowned for its unmatched capabilities, provides exceptional digital marketing services. Through our outstanding offerings in New York, we craft customized plans that not only foster business growth but also enable your company to compete effectively in today’s global marketplace, all while aligning with your company’s standards.

What We Excel At

Customer-Centric Messaging

In a competitive business landscape, engaging and satisfying customers is crucial. At Unicorn, New York’s premier digital marketing company, we prioritize customer-centric messaging to elevate sales and generate leads. Our strategies focus on both the organization’s and customers’ best interests, ensuring a positive experience before and after sales, fostering repeat business and loyalty. Our team adeptly targets customers with timely and relevant messages, embodying a truly customer-centric approach.


Prioritizing a mobile-first design strategy, Unicorn DV, a preeminent digital marketing company in New York, ensures seamless web solutions across all devices. Acknowledging the paramount importance of mobile-friendly websites in today’s digital landscape, we guarantee effective content translation between devices of varying sizes. Our approach ensures all content is perfectly viewable on mobile devices, satisfying the significant demand for mobile optimization and providing an optimal user experience across all platforms.

Digital-optimized Performance

Regardless of your business size, website performance is pivotal. We employ various tools to fine-tune our digital marketing strategies, ensuring your online success. Offering a blend of innovative solutions and meticulous management of existing systems, we drive your business’s digital transformation. By deeply understanding the preferences of your target audience, we tailor our optimizations to meet their needs, ensuring our media placements yield optimal results and bolster your marketing presence.

Omnichannel Activation

In New York, our digital marketing agency embraces an Omnichannel strategy, seamlessly integrating customer experiences from online to in-store interactions. Utilizing data-driven CRM techniques, we effectively connect with customers across various touchpoints. Consequently, this strategy enhances content development and boosts consumer engagement. By combining content, data, and creativity, we ensure consistent, targeted communication throughout the customer journey.


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