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Unicorn DV is a full-scale search engine optimization company in New York, NYC that offers comprehensive SEO services to a wide range of businesses. We work with small businesses to enterprise-level clients, including e-commerce, business & financial services, insurance, B2B SaaS, education, healthcare, etc. We understand that SEO is crucial in building and boosting your business’ web presence and ROI. Our New York SEO experts are ready to deliver results by crafting a personalized SEO strategy to make your website stand out within the online marketplace and dominate the very first page of Google. Unicorn DV’s SEO services in New York include business plan, link building, on-site optimization, keyword research, technical SEO, content development, and more.


Our Search Engine
Optimization Process



Keyword Research

Identifying the right keywords to target is the core of SEO effectiveness. Unicorn, being a pioneer in search engine optimization services in New York, NYC does a thorough analysis of your website. This gives us an understanding of your company, industry, competitors, the kind of content that you have, and most importantly, your potential customers. This also helps us find the optimum keywords for your site.

Competitive Research

As a top search engine optimization firm in New York, we follow principles that help to provide top-ranking results for your business. We conduct a thorough analysis of your competitors’ backlink profiles to identify different link-building opportunities for your website. We utilize a set of SEO metrics, including inbound links, indexed content, etc. With the help of this method; we measure the client site’s position against its competition and identify areas lacking priority.



Social & Link Building

Social Media

During this phase of the process, we help clients establish a social media presence and consult with the client on how best to use those social media profiles to share site content and connect with customers.


Building In-Bound Links

Unicorn DV provides the best-in-class SEO services in New York, we design a winning backlink strategy to improve your site authority and create a sustainable backlink portfolio through content analysis, blogging, blogger outreach, and more. Each quality link to your site increases the traffic running across your site and helps to get searchers looking for products or services like yours.




Give your website the competitive edge it needs with SEO consulting services from Alto Palo. With years of experience in helping businesses grow on Google, our SEO consultants understand what it takes to help you achieve top rankings, improved traffic, and higher conversions. With our SEO consulting services, you will receive a custom strategy for enhancing not only your search rankings but also your leads, sales, traffic, and revenue.



Content Building

Our streamlined SEO content writing process includes a solid content marketing strategy that helps in optimizing your website content with relevant keywords. We have an experienced content team that works together with our SEO managers to devise a focused content marketing plan for your SEO campaigns. A website stacked with high-quality content provides interest to site users and gives them a reason to wait and stay and also to come back.



Page Optimization

After adding the relevant high-quality content, we start with on-page optimization to constantly optimize your site and ensure that it is running efficiently.

Page Titles

We at Unicorn DV, make sure that your site’s page titles speak more than just your company name or welcome note.

Site Map

Improving a site map involves a well-organized list of links to all the important pages of your website and adds a text link to the site map.

Meta Data

Meta tags communicate the page’s subject matter and how it is relevant to the search engines. These are included in the uppermost section of your site’s code.



Reporting and Analysis

In addition to providing top-notch SEO services, Unicorn DV emphasizes the significance of reporting and analysis. These tools not only help gauge the efficacy of our marketing efforts but also enhance our understanding of user interactions with your online business. By delving deeper into this data, we can effectively guide users towards conversion. Consequently, SEO reporting remains central to our approach.


Our SEO Services

Boost your local presence and trustworthiness with our New York-based local SEO experts. Our strategy encompasses local citations, market analysis, geo-specific keyword optimization, and content marketing. Furthermore, we ensure authoritative and domain-relevant backlinks to increase your website traffic. Thanks to our tailored approach, both small businesses and multi-location firms have experienced significant success.


Offering robust, long-term SEO services in New York, we aid a spectrum of eCommerce brands in amplifying brand awareness, driving leads, and elevating revenue. With vast expertise in collaborating with top brands, we can help propel you to prominent rankings on Google SERPs. Furthermore, our seasoned eCommerce SEO specialists are dedicated to optimizing online stores, ensuring a surge in orders and organic revenue growth.


Located in New York, our technical SEO firm implements a holistic strategy, anchored in detailed keyword research, to offer content improvements bespoke to your website. Recognizing the nuances of technical SEO, our team ensures optimal results within your budget. Moreover, we assess your site's performance, benchmark it against competitors, and strive to elevate its standing on the SERP.


Grasping your website's performance is pivotal for boosting organic traffic. Thus, our services span from diagnostics and audits to insightful reporting. Leveraging SEO analytics tools, we refine your strategy and monitor its progress, crucial for business growth. Additionally, our meticulous attention to Google's ranking algorithm not only improves user experience but also bolsters conversions and your site's ranking potential for key business terms.


Transform Your Business

As a seasoned SEO agency in New York City, Unicorn DV excels in delivering multifaceted SEO services. We craft content that achieves top search rankings and attracts quality clicks. Whether you’re a budding start-up aiming for recognition or an established firm eager to enhance your site’s efficacy, our team equips you with the tools and insights necessary to elevate your business.


Link Building

Links hold paramount importance as ranking signals for Google and other search engines in gauging a site’s web influence and relevance. At Unicorn DV, a top-tier SEO agency, we employ a methodical approach coupled with advanced link-building tactics to boost your search rankings. Our goal is crafting a potent backlink profile to outshine competitors. Additionally, we consistently secure high-authority links through a variety of strategies.


Content Marketing

For optimal domain authority, Google seeks strong, relevant content on your site. At Unicorn DV, our skilled editors and writers collaborate with clients for a tailored industry approach, following a structured process to devise a holistic content plan. Furthermore, our top-tier content marketing services are geared towards achieving your business objectives. Enrich your brand with our result-oriented content suitable for your website, email campaigns, social media, and paid distribution.


Relevant Backlinks

Recognized as New York’s premier SEO agency, we provide elite services to drive your business’s sales and leads. Our link-building expertise lies in identifying the most advantageous backlink opportunities tailored to your brand and objectives. Additionally, our knowledgeable team discerns effective strategies from the ineffective ones. By partnering with us, you’ll gain enhanced authority, visibility, and a notable online presence, all while bolstering your website’s SEO through our premium backlinks.


Monthly Reporting

At Unicorn DV, we employ a robust social engagement strategy, fostering consistent interactions with customers, promoting brand values, and addressing feedback. Furthermore, our reporting services aim to offer clarity on your website’s health. Our monthly reports, rooted in relevant statistics, chart the advancement of your SEO campaign, keeping you updated on the ever-evolving search engine landscape and its impact on your site’s visibility.



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