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Metrics Analysis

Metrics Analysis New York

Unicorn DV as a metric analysis New York company offers data insights and metrics analysis in shaping your digital roadmap for business growth and digital optimization. Knowing things, you’re doing right, where are aspects to improve upon, when to pivot and how best to shape your digital approach for what comes next — are all a result of having all the right tracking mechanisms in place and knowing how to interpret them for maintaining a healthy website and successful digital assets. We provide and set up the necessary tools for quantifying everything analytical concerning your business.

Our Data Insights
and Metric Analysis Process

Data metric analysis is considered as the measurements based on a number of estimates and assumptions theories obtained for all significant processes and then analyzed. Insights enable you to better understand your business and optimize it on the basis of data analysis.


Multiple data streams

Here the information is collected from different sources and in various formats. It may be extracted from the production system like the e-commerce application or from a data warehouse, data lake, social media, etc.



Data Pre-processing

This process is often considered as a part of the data processing that includes the reformatting of raw data into a more suitable form for learning.




The Transformation of data requires considerable work and time in order to refine and convert the data into a form that is more versatile for learning.




Data Metric Analysis identifies interesting patterns and characteristics in the data and reveals significant insights that help formulate a direction for the project and provide critical insight that can be helpful when interpreting the results.




Validation and performance evaluation of a model is crucial to the success of the project as it decides the best results for any provided data set. You need to measure how relevant the predictions are as per the observed data.



Data-driven Decisions

This is the final step in order to reveal the final results obtained from the collected data. This can be understood with the help of well-crafted visualizations that reveals the information of what the model is telling you about the data.


Strategies to Transform Data into Actionable Insights

We use some of our best business analysis metrics strategies to fine-tune our action plan for turning data into insights and profits for your business.


Every business is handled in a unique way. You can only optimize the things that can you can measure. We plan in advance about what is essential for your business, which pages need to be improved, and on which channel.


Segmentation is a successful approach if you want to take appropriate action on your data and set up an optimization plan. This will greatly help in enhancing your understanding of how your customers behave.


The business analysis metrics method with which you present your data will create a huge difference in the end result. Proper visualization will convert your data into insights and effective business decisions.


Having an efficient optimization plan is one of those concepts that can directly apply to improve your business and bring you the desired results. Include appropriate data and manage basic analysis to detect irregularities.


Transform Your Business

Our metric analysis New York team always serves you with techniques on how you can achieve better insights from your data so that you can make better, data-driven decisions.


Data and Analytics Approach

We’ll plan your analytics initiatives to successful business outcomes using a data-driven approach.



We offer you 360-degree client views by expanding your assets with predictive analytics and third-party data.



In addition to data integration and analytics, we also support you with compliance and governance.


We offer the best business analysis metrics solutions for everyday challenges as well as customized solutions for more demanding needs.



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