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Full Service Production Team

For over 20 years, we have been providing content production services to digital marketing and advertising agencies.

In the realm of production, Unicorn DV’s broad expertise covers numerous projects, equipping us to skillfully fulfill your campaign’s specific requirements and budget. Our experience is vast, encompassing a wide array of tasks, from product and digital content creation to photography, video, and film production, as well as fashion, celebrity, and automotive projects.

Furthermore, as a comprehensive service production company, we are proficient in managing all facets of your project. This includes creative development, directorial oversight, collaborating with award-winning talent, and handling post-production needs.

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Our Production Process

Both in-house agencies and midsize ad agencies are streamlining their processes and maximizing budget efficiency by employing a single, dependable resource for the production of all their creative digital content.

With this approach, your project manager and creative leads benefit from a unified point of contact, complemented by oversight from our seasoned Unicorn DV staff. This ensures a consistent visual style and meticulous quality throughout all content forms, including video, photography, graphic design, and more.

Planning and prep

  • Creative development
  • Talent booking
  • Casting - talent
  • Location scouting
  • Fee negotiation for talent


  • Travel arrangements
  • Equipment logistics
  • Budget management
  • Location permits
  • Shoot insurance

On set

  • On-set producers
  • Studio hire
  • Equipment hire
  • Crew hire
  • Catering for cast and crew

Transform Your Business

With Unicorn DV at the helm, you can rest assured that every aspect of your shoot will run like clockwork. Work will be completed on time and to budget as well as to the highest standards. From start to finish we’ve got it under control.

How We Can Enhance Your Project

Commercial Production​

Realize your team’s vision with TV and web spots, ensuring delivery that is both budget-friendly and timely. Our production house excels in handling projects from concept to delivery, always open to and actively collaborating with your agency’s guidance during the entire process.


Say goodbye to mismatched assignments, like sending a portrait photographer for food shoots or a food photographer for architectural work. Your agency will consistently have access to the ideal expert for each specific task, ensuring high-quality imagery perfect for both digital and print advertising.

Video Production

In the ever-evolving media landscape, video content is ubiquitous, ranging from explainers and sizzle reels to product videos, infomercials, and testimonials. By entrusting a single production house to create your library of footage, you open up a world of possibilities for enhancing your client’s assets.

Graphic Design

Unicorn DV extends its services to include graphic design and copywriting, functioning either as your agency’s main provider or as supplementary support for your in-house team.

Moreover, our production and design offerings seamlessly combine to produce impressive collateral. This encompasses a wide range of materials, from print ads, billboards, and magazines to menus, signage, and direct mail targeting both physical front doors and digital inboxes.


With over 20 years in the casting industry, we operate as a full-service casting agency. Our role is to supply producers, directors, and advertising agencies with efficient and professional casting services. Catering to all ages and various entertainment types, we handle both union and non-union principal roles. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to pairing our clients with the most appropriate and skilled actors for their specific projects.


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