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Powerful Custom E-commerce Solutions for Shopify Plus Merchants

Shopify services done right. As an e-commerce business owner, you’re undoubtedly seeking top-notch Shopify services for your online store. At Shopify – your e-commerce business, our Shopify Plus experts in New York possess the expertise and know-how to provide exceptional app development and services, guaranteeing your long-term success. Trust us to deliver the high-quality solutions your e-commerce business deserves.

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10+ Years of Shopify Development and Integration

E-commerce businesses utilizing Shopify, Unicorn DV offers a comprehensive range of growth-oriented services. Our offerings include app development, API programming, template design, liquid programming, site customization, and integration with third-party platforms. As a Shopify – your e-commerce business, we understand your unique requirements and are equipped to meet them with our top-notch solutions. Whether you’re in need of one or several of our services, rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

App Development on Shopify

Our team boasts more than a decade of experience working with Shopify, and we’re adept at constructing strong and advanced Shopify apps, as well as POS Apps, that will set your business apart in the app marketplace. From building and certifying to launching your app on the Shopify App Store, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, we offer Shopify app hosting through our worldwide AWS hosting platform. Choose to hire a Shopify app developer with the expertise and skillset you require for your ecommerce business to flourish.

Shopify API Integration Services

Maintain a seamless and efficient flow of information with powerful API integrations that facilitate data exchange. Our team specializes in creating bespoke solutions that cater to your requirements, including 3PL, ERP/CRM, and retail POS integration. Count on us to develop tailored API integrations that streamline your operations and enhance your ecommerce business’s overall performance.

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Theme Design and Development

At Unicorn DV, our mission is to create an exceptional online shopping experience for your customers by building a visually stunning and high-performing Shopify store that sets you apart from your competitors. Leveraging our expertise in Shopify Online Store 2.0 and customized Dawn Theme development, we have the proficiency to deliver a remarkable online store that not only looks great but also functions flawlessly. Trust us to construct the Shopify store your ecommerce business needs to succeed.

Featured Shopify clients

CamperVanHQ - Custom camper solutions

In North America, the RV industry has typically made very low-cost, low-quality items to keep costs as low as possible. For my own builds, I've looked for solid equipment that will be reliable for many years of real-world use. We look for products that are solid, reliable, high-quality, with innovative design.

CamperVan HQ

Unique Safety Supplies - medical supplies

Unique Safety Supplies was created during the pandemic for the sole purpose of assisting local and national communities on the pursuit of needed safety and protective supplies. The team at USS are qualified talented staff who specialize in resourcing safety and medical supplies, customer service, and ecommerce technology.

Unique Safety Supplies

Flore Choublak - hair products

We aim to empower women and men to love and care for their hair and body. We are dedicated to providing high quality all natural products that promote healing. Furthermore, we strive to create strong communities where uniqueness, differences, similarities, and creativity are cherished and celebrated.

Flore Choublak

Caja - Imports and Exports

Import and export company

Caja Supplies

Medici Supply Co - medical supplies

Medici Supply Co. has become the one-stop, reliable source of top-quality medical supplies* and related goods for a wide variety of organizations to accommodate their communities with premium products.

Medici Supply Co

custom solutions for your Shopify business

Shopify API Integration Services`

  • Warehouse and Supplier integration
  • 3PL / WMS Shipping Integration
  • Automatic Inventory Synchronization
  • ERP/CRM Integration Services
  • POS and Retail integration

App Development: Shopify

  • Product Design – UI/UX
  • Systems Architecture Design
  • Shopify App Store Advisory
  • Custom App Programming
  • App/SaaS Hosting for Shopify

Theme Development

  • Online Store 2.0 and Dawn Theme
  • Shopify Liquid Web Programming
  • Design and UI Services
  • Custom Sections and App Blocks

E-commerce Integration Support

  • Strategic Consultations
  • Global shipping and Shopify Markets
  • App Management and Platform Updates
  • Analytics, Tracking, Marketing Reporting, Operations

Certified Experts with Shopify

Hire a Shopify Expert

For your Shopify project, only a team of certified Shopify App Developers and Experts will suffice, and Unicorn DV is here to meet that requirement. Our team possesses the necessary certifications to deliver exceptional Shopify development services, ensuring that your project is executed correctly. Trust us to provide the professional Shopify development team your ecommerce business deserves.

Shopify statistical data

E-Commerce Customers Demographics Statistics

  • 1% of US millennials own Shopify stocks.
  • Shopify’s solutions are accessible to entrepreneurs in 175 countries.
  • The platform offers support in 20 languages.
  • Women represent 52% of Shopify’s customer base.
  • Millennials make up about a third of Shopify’s purchasing users.
  • German customers are the quickest in making purchases, averaging 17.5 minutes per transaction.
  • Japanese clients have the highest average spend, at $141.72 per transaction.
  • The USA leads in using Shopify for running eCommerce businesses.

Shopify Usage, Traffic, and Sales Stats

  • Over 7,000 businesses worldwide leverage Shopify Plus for enhanced features.
  • Digital products are sold by 20% of Shopify stores.
  • Facebook channels a third of all social media traffic to Shopify.
  • Of all Shopify orders from social media, 85% originate from Facebook.
  • Monthly, Shopify sites attract 56.5 million unique visitors.
  • On average, visitors spend 3 minutes on Shopify sites, browsing 2.9 pages per session.
  • The US contributes 35.7% of Shopify traffic; UK, Canada, and Australia add 15%.
  • Direct site visits account for 40% of Shopify’s total traffic.
  • Referral sources make up 27.5% of traffic to Shopify.
  • Search engines drive 26% of users to Shopify, with 91% being organic searches.
  • Shopify’s website experiences a 56.19% bounce rate.
  • Mobile users constitute 81% of traffic on Shopify.
  • Sites on Shopify that generate over 1 million leads monthly represent 2.7%.
  • As the top-searched eCommerce solution, Shopify holds 71% of US store domains.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday - Shopify Statistics

  • In 2020, Shopify stores globally hit $1.5 million in sales per minute on Black Friday.
  • Average transaction values on Black Friday/Cyber Monday: $83 in the US, $96 in Canada.
  • Since launch, Shopify apps have seen 25.8 million installations.
  • A staggering 80% of Shopify merchants use third-party apps.
  • Sales peaked at 10,978 items per minute during Black Friday 2020.
  • Shopify’s global sales rate reached $870,000 per minute on Black Friday 2020.
  • Items shipped via Shopify in Black Friday 2018 traveled a total of 30,000 miles.
  • Roughly 25.5 million customers engage in BFCM sales annually.
  • During BFCM, a fifth of US Shopify store orders are international.
  • Shopify entrepreneurs collectively earned over $2.9 billion in BFCM sales in 2019.


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