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UnicornDV is a top-rated branding agency in New York, NYC focused on building superior branding experiences for our clients. We work aiming to transform your brand into something magnificent and tangible that inspires, engages, and creates a consistent emotional connection with the audience. Whether you are planning to start a new service, business, or product, or if rebranding your existing one, we are here to help and make your brand a big success. We work in a way that both your customers and employees will adequately understand your brand and confidently respond to your idea. Once we are clear and understand all the key perspectives for your branding process, it’s time to dive in and start with the process.


Our Branding Process

Branding is one of the most significant aspects of any business, small or large. A powerful brand can provide you a significant edge in today’s extremely competitive market. We as an experienced digital branding agency in New York, NYC help you shift brand perception with your existing customer base and increase brand awareness with exclusive new customers — whether you’re a small or medium business or at the enterprise level. We work with you, right from the start to the concept phase up till the launch.

Our branding process is divided into six phases:


Brand Strategy

We start our process by reviewing the firm’s overall business strategy, capturing the team’s goals, market strategies, and other different perspectives. Next, we identify and research your key audiences, after collecting all major information. Finally, we compose a document that is used by our business development team to overcome common differences in the marketplace.



Brand Identity

As your partner digital branding company in New York, NYC we help you turn your brand into something real and substantial. Your brand identity is very important and this is what sets you apart from your competitors. Our team of experts adds a point of differentiation to your brand and delivers a brand design that feels right for you.



Brand Tools

Unicorn DV being a top-notch branding firm in New York helps your brand to make its target audience aware of the different products and services that you offer. We use a specific set of tools that are used to represent your firm and put the plan into action. Here are a few illustrations – descriptions of your firm, service descriptions, and a video overview of your firm, etc.



Brand Launch

The way how you introduce your brand can affect the overall success of a branding initiative. It is a unique opportunity to choose how you wish to place your firm in the marketplace, which clients you want to serve, and what services you will give to them. We at Unicorn use a two-introduction approach: The first one is for your in-house team and another one is for the external world.




Unicorn DV’s creative team excels at brand positioning and starts with an understanding of your brand, environment, and goals. We help you set your brand apart from your competitors in such a way that it clearly shows your target customers that what problem does your product or service solves for them.



Brand Building

Recognized as NYC’s top branding agency NYC, we use a long-term growth strategy with the core objective to make your firm’s expertise more evident and noticeable, to ensure that it delivers what your business stands for. Our team of experts builds your brand in a way that it differentiates from its competition with a unique identity.


Why is Branding Important?

At UnicornDV, we understand that branding is not just about slapping a logo on a few promotional materials and calling it a day. It’s about creating a meaningful connection with your audience that earns you a reputation and secures your future success. By establishing a strong brand early on, businesses can consistently sustain it as they grow and build deep connections with employees, clients, and the public. In fact, research shows that 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand they admire and trust.

As a comprehensive branding agency based in New York, we help businesses build trust and increase sales by transforming them into renowned brands that stand out from the competition. No matter how much marketing you do, a poor branding strategy will always hold you back. On the other hand, with a strong branding approach, you can control how people perceive your business and generate valuable sales leads. Don’t overlook the importance of branding – it’s one of the most significant components of your business. Let UnicornDV help you establish a strong brand that drives success.

The most significant reason why branding is so important to any business is that every business today needs branding to get recognized more often and become known to customers. Becoming a recognizable brand indicates that consumers are more likely to choose your products and services in comparison to a brand that is less recognized. You should always have a solid foundation of branding for your business, think of your brand as a character, each person has his/her personality, way of communication, values, characteristics, and more.

Branding is crucial, it plays a very significant role when determining to create future business. A well-established brand can improve a business’s value by providing the company more recognition in the business. If your branding is engaging, appealing, and stands out to your client and you build a glorious experience to back it up, it generates even more value in the eyes of consumers. The higher a company’s dedication towards making its brand value, the higher would be the financial returns from its efforts.


Why Choose Us?

UnicornDV is a results-driven digital branding agency in New York offering effective and innovative branding solutions to clients and further helping them grow their business. We monitor your ideas, your specific requirements, and all your other preferences, and then work on that accordingly, to provide you with the best branding services. We strategically connect brands to people via marketing communications and advertisements across digital channels.


We’re Excellent

The very first step in our branding service is to know and understand your target audience, their persona, and their preferences. The more precise you can be in terms of socio-economic profile, preferences, interests, etc., the better you can target your audience. We listen to your every requirement and provide out-of-the-box branding strategies that no one has ever used before, to make your business notably unique.


Brand Identity across
the Business

Brand identity is not just about a logo and the work done, instead brand identity is the process of shaping the impression. Just like your identity makes you unique, similarly, the brand identity of your business sets you apart from every other business. Our branding experts connect with your target audience on different platforms to build a unique brand’s identity for your business.


We're Project

Being an experienced branding agency in New York, we understand what suits a brand and the challenges faced to maintain its impact and integrity. With our expertise in different projects – we develop fully managed solutions for your exact requirements. Our objective is to provide our clients with a unique brand identity to stand out from the competition.


We Offer - From logos to Branding

We’re a solution-oriented branding agency in New York aimed at providing our clients with expert branding services targeted at converting their audiences into clients. Whether you just need a new logo or a complete overhaul of your signage, we can help and offer a custom solution based on your requirements.


We Build Long-term Partnerships

Strategic and long-term partnerships are a leading driver of business growth and innovation. Unicorn, being a reliable branding company in New York builds trusted partnerships to accomplish success. We work past paper contracts and fixed deals which lay the groundwork for a long-term partnership and progress.

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