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Proudly produced in Charleston, South Carolina, Frisky is a unique premium whiskey that epitomizes flavor, flair and fun. Crafted in small batches and focused on great taste, Frisky takes an unparalleled approach to favored whiskey - intentionally leaning into premium aged whiskey’s most sought after notes of caramel and vanilla.

Launches - Late Nov/early Dec

Frisky Whiskey

Plantas - Apparel

Plantas : Playful art inspired by plants. Selling custom art and apparel from Los Angeles, CA.

Launches - Early Nov


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Real People Giving (RPG) was born from a simple idea. A small group of Veterans were meeting over coffee when they asked themselves: “What if there was an easy way for people to give ongoing support to our members of the Military, Firefighters and Law Enforcement?” The answer was right in front of them. Coffee. 50% of all proceeds from every RPG Super Coffee purchase is donated to them.

Launches - Late Nov/early Dec



Scott Minc is a full service casting agency with more than 20 years of experience in the casting industry, Scott Minc provides producers, directors, and advertising agencies with prompt and professional casting services. We cast all ages for all types of entertainment for both union and non-union principal jobs. We work tirelessly to match our clients with the most suitable and highly trained actors for their projects.



Interpublic Group is a global provider of marketing solutions. With approximately 54,600 employees in all major world markets, our companies specialize in advertising, digital marketing, communications planning, media, public relations and specialty marketing.


CamperVanHQ - Custom camper solutions

In North America, the RV industry has typically made very low-cost, low-quality items to keep costs as low as possible. For my own builds, I've looked for solid equipment that will be reliable for many years of real-world use. We look for products that are solid, reliable, high-quality, with innovative design.


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