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Classical Charter School

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UnicornDV, the SEO mastermind, successfully executed an all-encompassing digital marketing campaign for Classical Charter School. This involved optimizing the website for search engines, managing social media platforms, capturing stunning photography, creating engaging content, designing and maintaining the website, and monitoring conversations to ensure maximum impact.

At Classical Charter School, we take pride in offering a comprehensive curriculum that includes art, Latin, debate, and other essential skills that enable students to navigate the world with creativity and critical thinking. We value structured and intentional teacher development, which entails frequent observations, direct access to an experienced instructional coach, and monthly professional development. Our data-driven approach ensures that we make informed decisions to provide innovative benchmarking, tailored instruction, and hands-on support to create a rigorous and excellent academic environment for all scholars.



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Classical Charter School - Bronx, NY
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Educating scholars

Classical Charter Schools is a network of public, open-enrollment charter schools located in the South Bronx dedicated to educating scholars through a rigorous classical curriculum including art, music, Latin, debate, and fitness. Our scholars are among the highest performing in all of New York State. Classical Charter Schools was founded in 2006 to educate scholars in the South Bronx to a level that would enable them to access the most elite educational institutions. Our rigorous curriculum propels scholars to achieve and makes a lasting, positive impact on their lives.


We’re Data Driven


Non-CMO Charter In New York City


ELA Pass Rate Among the state’s best in English Language Arts


Math Pass Rate Superior Results on Rigorous Next Generation Standards


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